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Cottage Cooking

Posted: 10/15/16

Cottage Cooking

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dre: Back in August, we spent a week at a cottage with 3 other families. I was in charge of meal planning and did most of the grocery shopping. Because there were so many kids, I bought a lot of fruits and veggies to eat and tried to do a lot of cooking from scratch because I had so much time. It was really fun to cook for 13 people and I had a lot of help from the other ladies in prepping the food and the guys for BBQing the meats and veggies.

On the menu was lasagna the first night. This turned out to be a hit and everyone loved it. The sauce was made from scratch and simmer for a couple hours. I served the 2 large lasagnas with roasted potatoes.

The next day, we made home made pizzas. Everyone's pizza was pretty generic with pepperoni, green peppers, and mushrooms. It was served with lots of finger veggies on the side.
We had lots of tomatoes from another family's garden, so we used that up for a homemade bolognese sauce. The sausages (from Costco) were grilled and served on the side.
For breakfast, we made omelettes with leftover veggies and spinach from the previous days. This was a failed attempted at flipping my omelette.
Finally, mountains of pancakes and fried eggs were served and Lauren was very happy that entire week as she didn't stop eating.


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