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Our Turn at the Skydome

Posted: 10/13/16

Our Turn at the Skydome

Restaurant: Rogers_Centre

dre: How exciting that the Blue Jays have advanced to the ALCS! If you are one of the lucky ones who is going to a Game 3 or 4 or possibly 5, here are some Roger's Centre offerings that can help you make a decision on what to eat.

Mike and I got to go to 4 games, so we had a couple chances to try a couple different food items. The first is the jerk chicken sandwich. It doesn't look very impressive, but it was very tasty and delicious. Nelson did a great job copying the taste when we went over to their place earlier in the year. The sandwich is a little messy to eat because everything falls out of the bun, so it's better to take a fork if you order this.

Mike got the jerk chicken nachos on another occasion. This is similar to the sandwich, but what I didn't like about this version is added sour cream and squeeze cheese on top. Mike loved it.
I ordered a Porchetta Sandwich, and this was very good as well. There was a lot of meat and I liked the dijon sauce that was in the sandwich.
The last game we went to, I tried the Peameal Bacon sausage. It was drizzled with honey before I put other toppings. Surprisingly, it didn't taste like peameal bacon at all.
Finally, the kids got to enjoy some chicken fingers and French fries. I saw some tomatoes in the toppings area for my sausage, so I grabbed some for them to eat.

Everything costed an average of $10, so thankfully, we are allowed to bring in our own snacks to entertain the kids. Go Jays Go!


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