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Homemade JapChae

Posted: 10/04/16

Homemade JapChae

Restaurant: none

Nelson: JapChae is a Korean sweet potato noodle with other thinly slice ingredients. I was also not confident in my abilities (or ingredients on hand) and also bought a premade sauce. It's pretty simple though so I probably won't buy another once it runs out. I think it's mostly soy sauce, sugar and sesame oil. Maybe some onion/garlic poswer and black pepper. Otherwise the hardest part is preparing each ingredient as each requires a slightly different cooking time. Also slice everything thinly. I used beef (flank steak), onions, king mushrooms, carrots (which I used the peeler to "slice") and shiitake mushrooms. Boiling the actual JapChae noodles is simple and of course they are coated in sesame oil. But something is missing, can you guess the what essential ingredient I forgot?

Highlight to find out:


I was so remiss that the next day I cooked some and added to this dish to complete it. It adds some much needed colour too.

It's nice to have a such big portion as I had good lunches that week. This was so delicious.


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  • OMG that looks SOOOOO good
    Grace Hu @ 2016-10-07

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