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California Sandwiches

Posted: 09/30/16

California Sandwiches

Restaurant: California_Sandwiches Etobicoke

Nelson: Around since 1967, they must have been boss back then. Their product is still great and I guess they are still around because of that. Kitty had the eggplant parmigiana on the left ($8.75) and I had the Veal ($9.25). She added provolone cheese ($1) and I added onions ($0.50). I imagine adding even more toppings would make these sandwiches even better and I kinda wish they were cheaper or included one for free. Mushrooms, sweet peppers, etc, sound great on these sandwiches. Regardless, both sandwiches are huge and delicious. So much veal that is cooked perfectly. And the eggplant is breaded really well. It all comes out hot and ready to devour. Yum!


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