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RD's Fried Chicken

Posted: 09/28/16

RD's Fried Chicken

Restaurant: Brampton RDs_BBQ

Nelson: Back at RDs BBQ this time for some fried chicken, but first we start with a salad. Yes quite a lot of dressing.
Kitty tried the etoufee. It had a really nice seafood flavour to it with a good amount of seafood. The rice was a bit crumbly, but otherwise a great dish. Good looking too!
The glorious fried chicken. It was so incredibly moist on the inside. Just incredible, while the outside is spice and crunchy. So delicious.

Mac and cheese had a good layer of cheese on top too. The gravy was garlicy, but not really necessary as the chicken was so moist and delicious. Probably the best Fried Chicken I've ever had.

We also had some collard greens. It had so much ham in it that lent the whole dish a wonderful smoky flavour. I had no idea vegetables could taste like this!

A real master of Southern food, I really enjoy the food here. I can't recommend the fried chicken enough!

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