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KFC before a softball game is not a good idea

Posted: 10/05/16

KFC before a softball game is not a good idea

Restaurant: Kentucky_Fried_Chicken

dre: I don't remember how it started, but I was looking on the KFC website and saw that they had a deal for 10 hot wings for $10. I remembered eating KFC wings quite often in high school and they were really good.

I had the great idea to get 10 wings and a box of popcorn chicken to eat before a softball game. Thankfully (or I just suck), I didn't have to run very hard because I didn't hit the ball, but Mike had to run from first to third on a play and then home and he didn't feel so good afterwards. But it was soooooo good. The girls really enjoyed the popcorn chicken!

On another occasion, my coworkers and I got a box of 20 wings to share... it was a very delicious lunch, but I think I'm going to avoid KFC for a bit after this dose.


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