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Thanksgiving 2015

Posted: 09/18/16

Thanksgiving 2015

Restaurant: none

Nelson: Last Thanksgiving we hosted both sides of the family at our house, so we were responsible for a lot of the food. Most importantly the Turkey of course. It turned out well as the secret to my Turkey is buying butterball. Well that and also to undercook it according to their guidelines.
A shot of the spread from above. On the left are some scalloped potatoes with seafood that my mom made for the first time in her life. They turned out quite well. Green salad, corn, cranberry sauce, a Chinese duck (yeah kinda weird I know), stuffing, garlic bread and potato salad were also part of the meal.
We also made roasted vegetables. Such a big pile takes a long time to cook because they have to be seperated on their own tray, you can only cook so much at a time. At least when making such a big batch it is possible to cook each ingredient on its own which means each part can be cooked the right amount. I love eating roasted vegetables and it is such a treat.
Dessert was a blueberry pie with vanilla bean ice cream.

Thanksgiving is approaching sooner than you think, better start planning it!


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