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Work Event at Watermark

Posted: 09/23/16

Work Event at Watermark

Restaurant: Toronto Watermark

Dre: I attended my first summer event at my new company. We had a late lunch at The Watermark Pub at Queen's Quay. It was supposed to be a later lunch starting at 1pm, but we didn't get our appetizer until 2pm, our main course at 3pm, and dessert at 4pm. The duration was really far apart, and while we enjoyed plenty of drinks, it was almost unbearable on an empty stomach. Our group wasn't that large, around 50, and the restaurant wasn't able to keep up with getting the food out more quickly.

We had a choice from a set menu. Because it was almost 40 degrees outside, I decided on salad over the soup, though I heard from coworkers that the soup was delicious.

The main I chose was the fish and chips. I was tempted to get the tofu jambalaya but a couple coworkers told me that it was just flavoured rice with dinky pieces of tofu. The other choice was a chicken club sandwich, so I think I got the best dish, though they could have worked on the presentation.

Dessert was a chocolate pistachio cheesecake. It was very heavy, but it wasn't that good.

It was a fun time networking and the drinks were good, but the food is not the reason I'd come here again.

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