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Crowsnest Pub

Posted: 09/15/16

Crowsnest Pub

Restaurant: Crowsnest_Pub Tobermory

Dre in Tobermory: We went camping for a couple days in beautiful Tobermory. I haven't been camping in years and forgot about how the quality of food got worse and worse as each day passed. (Also the quality of cleanliness also went down.). On our last day, we went into town to eat some local specialties, namely fish and chips.

The town of Tobermory isn't very big, and the downtown area nestled around the harbour.

Crowsnest Pub boasts the largest patio in town and it's second floor outdoor I tail was very big. It doesn't look over the water, but it does give you a pretty elevated view of the shops and restaurants in the town.

Mike got the Crowsnest Pub Burger, which comes with cheese, bacon and BBQ sauce. The burger was good and we upgraded to a salad after probably not eating enough veggies in the past couple days.

I got the Whitefish Fish and Chips with their in-house made kettle chips. Delicious for both the fish and the chips. The portion was quite largely sized.

The kids devoured the kids fish and chips and they loved the fish and all the fries.

In general, this was a kid friendly and clean establishment for families and I would come back to eat here again.


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