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Citta Pizza Bar

Posted: 09/10/16

Citta Pizza Bar

Restaurant: Citta_Pizza_Bar Toronto

Nelson: After the Jays 1st Playoff game in 20 years, the restaurants were spilling over downtown. After not wanting to wait too long, there was space at this restaurant for some reason. Well I got to find out why.

This place specializes in pizza and has a small menu. I tried one of their pastas a baked spinach & ricotta manicotti ($16) with ricotta, tomato, basil and parmesan. It tasted decent with a soft cheese inside, but it was tiny. I was hungry and finish this in a few bites and was hungry still. I even ate up all the tomato sauce. Definitely poor value or $16.

Kitty had the pizza, chicken with goat cheese, red grapes and watercress ($16). This was bigger, but they really skimped on the toppings. You can see the top is mostly not covered in cheese with a smattering of the toppings spread on top. Very unsatisfying, especially for $16.

So high prices, stingy food quantity to the point of ridiculousness make for poor value and empty seats. After checking, I'm completely not surprised they are now closed.


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