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Congee Queen

Posted: 09/06/16

Congee Queen

Restaurant: Congee_Queen North_York

Nelson: Congee Queen is a chain of Chinese restaurant that specializes in Congee/Rice Noodle/Noodle/Rice. That's a translation from 粥粉麵飯. The second one can be interpreted as vermicelli instead perhaps, not sure what the exact translation would be. Obviously they serve a lot more than just that, but these types of restaurants are known for serving up the carbs aka Chinese comfort foods.

So we start with a rice. This particular one with shrimp and roe was excellent. I would have liked a tad bit more garlic though, but still very very good. I wonder if they can run out of day old rice to make fried rice with.

These congee toppings I haven't eaten before except the middle one (pork floss). The pickled cucumber and fried dough were interesting.
This roast pork had a lot of bone. It wasn't that good as a result. Plus, it was served with a strange sauce (not hoisin) that made it even worse.
We tried a congee with pork bones. The pork bones were (predictably in hindsight) huge and took up a lot of space in the bowl. I haven't had this type before myself so I thought it was a little strange. The pork bone didn't really spread itself out throughout the congee, it was just kinda there.
Fried squid is one of my favourites at these restaurants. The pieces here were huge and almost too big making it a bit difficult to eat. But that's a very minor complaint.
Some veggies to make a balanced meal. Plus Chinese veggies are delicious.

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