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Chicken and Pig Feet at Dim Sum

Posted: 09/04/16

Chicken and Pig Feet at Dim Sum

Restaurant: Emerald_Chinese_Restaurant Mississauga

Nelson: Chicken and Pig feet. Not only chicken feet, but boneless chicken feet. My sister-in-laws always joke that boneless chicken feet only get that way due to old grandmas removing the bones with their experienced teeth and tongue. I mean it's only a rumour, right? Right?.
And the pig feet. Not my cup of tea either.
Tofu skin rolls. I always liked these and the sauce that it drowns in.
Triangular veggie/shrimp dumplings. For some reason, not a big fan of this specific type.
Wonton wrapper shrimp dumplings. Tastier. I wonder if this is considering westernized Chinese food, especially how it is served with mayo.
Rice Roll with shrimp.
MalaoGao. A slightly sweet cake that Kitty seems to love.
Spare ribs/sausage rice. I like eating this and it's nice they include the soy sauce on the side.
Eggplant filled with shrimp. For some reason this combination just works.
Rice Roll with fritter, one of my favourites. But they make a mistake here and don't include the peanut and hoisin sauce. It is almost a dealbreaker!
One of my favourites, BBQ buns.

Fun to go here because they still do carts, but why not give the proper sauces for fritter in rice rolls???

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