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Last Visit to Happy Jade

Posted: 09/02/16

Last Visit to Happy Jade

Restaurant: Happy_Jade Mississauga

Nelson: Happy Jade is now closed and replaced with a new restaurant, but I haven't been yet. They had a Peking duck special and we tried this out. But first the included soup.
This beef was so tender and because there were a lack of vegetables, these were eaten very very quickly.
Fish and Tofu. The pieces of fish were pretty bony, but otherwise a decent dish with good flavour.
Here is the peking duck. It was served on a small plate, but there was an ok amount of duck. Lots of meat on the skins here.
The second duck course came out almost immediately afterwards, so it must have come from another duck. That's the only way to explain. The included leg pieces is new, but they were way too tough. Overcooked unfortunately with even the skin hard to break through.
Strangely the hoisin sauce did not taste what I expected and must have been a homemade version that tasted similar, but not quite the same.
Dessert is tofu delight! We came here fairly regularly as it was close and good value, so I can only hope the restaurant that replaces it is even better.


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