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Chuck's Roadhouse and

Posted: 09/01/16

Chuck's Roadhouse and "Honest to Goodness" Fee

Restaurant: Brampton Chucks_Roadhouse

dre: We checked out Chuck's Roadhouse in Brampton because we heard that they had cheap food. Plus, I had a coupon for a free appetizer so I used it on nachos.

As we looked through the menu, we saw this disclaimer about their "Honest to Goodness" fee. Essentially, in order to keep their prices low, they add 3% to everything on the menu. Why? Why just have that price on the menu? I suppose in the future, it would be easier to increase that percentage 4%, 5%, etc. This already left a bad taste in my mouth and I didn't even taste anything yet.

Our free nachos were okay. They used squeeze cheese, which I really dislike in nachos, so I didn't have that many.

I had the $5 burger (really $5.15). It was decent for $5 and it also came with fries so actually a much better value than fast food restaurant.

Mike had the fish and chips special ($7.99 + 3% = $8.23). That was pretty good too and generous sized fish.

The girls shared a kid's chicken finger meal ($4.69 +3%). They enjoyed that plus had some of the fish and chips so they were very happy.

I'd come back again, but probably not my first choice of places to go.


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