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Emerald Lobster/Chicken/Fish

Posted: 08/23/16

Emerald Lobster/Chicken/Fish

Restaurant: Emerald_Chinese_Restaurant Mississauga

Nelson: Out for a decent Chinese meal, Emerald fits the bill nicely. We start with the included soup, which is served in a nice bowl.
The difference between a good fried chicken and a bad one is whether the outside is crisp and the inside moist. This passes both criteria, so it was good.
This stew had grouper fish, bbq pork, tufo and veggies. I usually don't like these that much, but this one was excellent.
The twin lobsters were much bigger than I expected. I think they are a set price and not by weight, so bonus!
Steamed fish is almost always good.

Overall a great Chinese meal, sometimes you get lucky and every dish works out!

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