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Taste of Kingsway

Posted: 08/21/16

Taste of Kingsway

Restaurant: Etobicoke Green_Mango Patricias_Cake_Creations_Patisserie_Cafe Taste_of_Kingsway

Nelson: Taste of Kingsway best feature is the lack of crowds. No where near as popular as Taste of Danforth, but I suppose they have a bit more variety. Another highlight is that the Rona stand was giving out free popcorn and Coke!

We start with a combo from Green Mango ($7) of curry chicken and pad thai plus an added pork satay ($2). The Pad Thai was a tad dry but the chicken was better. The highlight was the skewer as it was juicy and flavourful and sweet. Delicious.

From the stand "The Best Perogies in Town". They were pretty good. Oily on the outside and moist on the inside. I didn't try the cabbage roll.
This is an almond square from Patricia Cakes. It tasted very strongly of almond flavour, almost too much if that is possible. They mostly do wedding cakes, but they also do High Tea this post has reminded me to book!


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