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King Dragon's Huge Peking Duck

Posted: 08/19/16

King Dragon's Huge Peking Duck

Restaurant: King_Dragon_Cuisine Richmond_Hill

Nelson: Back at my in-laws favourite Chinese restaurant for the moment, King Dragon Cuisine. This time was for Peking Duck! Such a basic dish, yet so delicious. Looks so appetizing too!
We start with the soup which contains black eye peas among other ingredients.
The beautifully arranged Peking duck slices with extremely meaty pieces. This must have been a huge duck, look at that meat! Not only huge, but it was also juicy yet not too fatty either.
The toppings is where most restaurants try to differentiate themselves. This one included honeydew instead of cucumbers. Not sure I like it as much as it's a bit sweet
Despite cutting off so much meat for the crepes, there was still so much meat leftover on the bones. Once again, this must have been a huge duck.
Deep fried shrimp in spicy salt. I love eating it this way because you can just eat the skins directly.
This mushroom/veggie dish was unique because of the flavour. Not a typical Chinese sauce, it tasted like a BBQ type sauce. When asked, they said it was in a teriyaki sauce. Neat. And delicious.
Fish in black bean sauce with celery. A lot of these dishes we ordered for my dad as he doens't eat anything rich anymore. I didn't eat much of this dish.
Soya Sauce chicken. It was a bit small...especially compared to the duck!
This egg/omelet things was meh. Would not order again.
This is a steamed dish of eggplant and ground pork. I don't know how they made the texture of this ground pork the way they did, but it was really nice. Very smooth, tender and velvety, which is not how you would typically describe a meat. The eggplant was slightly smokey and tasted good too. A very nice surprise to the dinner.
This is pork belly in a fermented bean curd cheese sauce that is cooked "red" (with soya sauce). It doesn't sound that appetizing, but it had a unique flavour that was decent. The pork belly was cooked well and tasted like the fat had been drained from it.
The deep fried pork ribs look pretty good, but wasn't.
Red bean soup dessert.

Overall more hits than misses and they had that amazing peking duck. Solid Chinese restaurant, I think we'll be back!

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