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Casa Imperial Dim Sum

Posted: 08/09/16

Casa Imperial Dim Sum

Restaurant: Casa_Imperial Scarborough

Nelson: I've always wanted to try this fancy looking restaurant. It looks like a mansion from the outside. On the inside, the decor does not disappoint as you feel like you are eating in a European manor with paintings on the wall, intricate chandeliers and lots of wood paneling on the inside. Even their tea pots were beautiful. But is the food any good?

We start with the fritter rice rolls (M). This one order only came with 8 pieces which is very disappointing.

These are BBQ pork buns but with a sweet topping, but described as abalone sauce (M). I really liked these, they were delicious and unique!
Sticky Rice (L).
Beef siu mai (M) with cilantro.
BBQ pork buns (L), my favourite!
Pork spare ribs and taro in black bean sauce (M). Decently meaty pieces.
Siu Mai (L). These were heavily spiced which indicate to me that they aren't the generic type you often find at Chinese restaurants.
Baby Octopus in Curry Sauce (L). Very flavourful.
Fried Taro balls (S). These were good here and had a lot of filling, much more than usual. Perhaps also not from the dim sum factory.
Turnip cake (M). Meh.
Crispy fried salted spiced tofu ($7). I've had better, for some reason this was lacking something.
Crisp rice dumpling (S) with meat filling.
Seafood and beef Congee (L).
Sauteed mini rice noodle with BBQ pork, dried shrimp, preserved pickle in XO sauce ($12.80). I really didn't like the texture of the rice noodles, so I didn't like this dish despite pretty good flavouring. Too bad as it is unique.
Rice roll with BBQ pork, coriander and green onion (M). Unique too, but I didn't like it much because of the coriander.
Snowpea leaf and king mushroom dumpling (L). Vegetarian but not particularly memorable..
Super Har Gow Jumbo (XL). I think it's a trick to make this XL. Yes they are bigger, but not *that* much bigger to justify the price increase. I guess they know everyone will always order this anyway.
Pan fried short rib with sesame in honey sauce (XL). These were nicely crispy instead of the regular way at dim sum which finds these steamed. It was delicious cooked this way.
Rice roll with shrimp and yellow chives (L). Note how dark it was....the power went out near the end of our meal. We waited for half an hour before the power came back on. I guess I can't fault the restaurant, but it seemed to affect our satisfaction with the restaurant.

Tea was $1.35 per person, S=$3.10 M=$4.10 L=$5.10 XL=7.1. Yeah, so those Har Gow are a rip.

I would say the food is slightly above average, definitely better than your run of the mill Dim Sum restaurant, but quite pricey in comparison. Grand used (tear) to be much superior. Unfortunately by default this might be one of the better Dim Sum places in Toronto now.

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