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M&A Wedding Desserts

Posted: 08/07/16

M&A Wedding Desserts

Restaurant: none

Nelson: Nelson: Either M or A must really like desserts since there were so many! I'm betting on A.

These puff pastries had a peanut cream inside that I absolutely loved. A good start.

Canoli, rum balls and napolean pastries. Wow.
Just a cake. There were many cakes.
This is the wedding cake cut up. It was very chocolatey and really well made. I thought it was one of the best wedding cakes I've had.
An Indian dessert, I'm not sure what this is called.
More fancy pastries, I'm not even sure what they are. There are so many!
Ice Cream too! As if everything else was not enough!
Fruit tarts and brownies.
Rice pudding. I really like Indian pudding which is quite different from the Western version.
Finally, the lovely wedding cake. Yes, that's 5 lavyers. I wonder what they did with the rest of the delcious cake?

This Indian wedding had so much food. So so much. And it was so good too. I really had a good time and wish I could fit more in my stomach.


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