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M&A Wedding Mains

Posted: 08/05/16

M&A Wedding Mains

Restaurant: none

Nelson: As is typical with Indian weddings, the main course is a buffet. But first there is dancing. And more dancing. Luckily they had some food out for the guests in the meantime, not that I really needed it. There were some mini samosas and ...
... fish fillets.
When the main buffet opened up there was a lot of choice. This is paneer makhani which is the vegetarian version of butter chicken. The flavour was great. This dish was excellent.
Goat curry, which was decent, but bony.
Here is the actual butter chicken. The chicken wasn't as tender as I like it, but the sauce was delicious.
Lamb Raganjosh. Again a bit bony, but with strong flavours.
Mixed vegetable tawa. I really enjoyed the variety on offer here and I especially liked the eggplant. The mushroom was good too. Overall, this may have been my favourite dish of the night!
Gotta have naan (tandoor). I like how it was precut.
Malai Kofta is another vegetarian dish. They were like pods of dough and I personally didn't like it very much.
A table full of salads including coleslaw, macaroni, green salad and chick pea. At the top is the yogurt covered balls, that I think is a dessert?
This is my first plate of food. I had more, but didn't take pictures. I really stuff myself as the food was good. Plus it was like eating second dinner. Next post will be the desserts!


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