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Lbs - Lobster, Burger, Salad

Posted: 08/18/16

Lbs - Lobster, Burger, Salad

Restaurant: Lbs Toronto

dre: I was super excited for this restaurant to be opened. It was under construction for months, but the "coming soon" signs were very enticing with pictures of lobsters. I was looking forward to trying this place out and soon after it opened back in June, I went over. They featured 4 items - Lobster (1.25lb), Lobster roll, Burger, and Salad (lobster)... Get it? LBS!

Unfortunately, I was already deterred by its selection and pricing model. The selection not as much, but a set price of $22 per item was very pricey. I wouldn't have been as fussed with the selection, but the restaurant interior is really nice, slick, and modern, so one would expect that this is a fine-dining type of place that served more than 4 things.

I opted for the "take-out" version of the lobster roll, which was still $16. The difference was no fries or salad, but chips were included instead. I took it to a food court downstairs to eat. The sandwich was quite small, but not unexpected for a lobster roll (sniff), but the most impressive and tasty part of the sandwich was that the bread was deep fried. Yummmmmmy! The lobster itself... meh... nothing special to rave about.

For the value though, I doubt I'd go back to try other items. Too bad. If they lowered the prices $5-6, I'd consider it again. Maybe.

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