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How to pay at Uno Mustachio with Credit Card

Posted: 08/16/16

How to pay at Uno Mustachio with Credit Card

Restaurant: Toronto Uno_Mustachios

dre: Have you heard of a company called Ritual? They have an app where you can order food beforehand and simply go to the restaurant to pick up. It's great when you don't have a lot of time for lunch, and also don't want to wait. They only serve restaurants located downtown Toronto, but there is a good selection of places that participate.

One afternoon, I was in the St. Lawrence Market lining up at Uno Mustachios. The line was super long, and I decided to check if Ritual had them. They did! So I ordered my sandwich, stepped out of line, and 2 minutes later, it was ready! I bypassed everyone and grabbed my sandwich at the cashier without paying because Ritual had my credit card information.

What a great service! So quick and also the prices are not inflated either for the service. I will definitely favour restaurants that use Ritual when I go out for lunch now. If you want to try it out, you can use my code to get $5 your fist 2 orders: ANDREA3452


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