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Pop-up Nespresso Shop

Posted: 08/06/16

Pop-up Nespresso Shop

Restaurant: Toronto

dre: During the first week of June, it was cold. I remember that because I lined up for this pop-up Nespresso stand. They were giving away free coffee and promoting their VertuoLine. I don't know much about Nespresso. My aunt and uncle have a machine, but everytime I go over, I have to read the book they have on how each pod tastes.

This pop-up shop was featuring their "Wake up to the Perfect Cup" with two pods - the Solely (yellow) and the Giornio (orange). The yellow pod was a bit fruity and lighter, and I preferred the orange pod more, which was more like a typical medium roast coffee.

I do have to say that they were delicious and tasted fresh like what I would get at a boutique coffee shop.


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