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Choose Your Own Noodles

Posted: 08/01/16

Choose Your Own Noodles

Restaurant: Deer_Garden_Signatures Richmond_Hill

Nelson: Customize your noodles exactly as you want it at Deer Garden Signatures. You get to pick the soup base, toppings, noodles and of course drink which is included, all for $9.75. There are some sides as well.

Obviously this is my choice since it is spicy. I picked Szechuan spicy soup base with fish filet, beef balls and egg noodles. It's like the mala fish dish with noodles. And it was. Very spicy and bitter with numbing sensation. The noodles were good with plenty of fish filet, but only 3 beef balls. Still an excellent dish that satisfied my craving for spiciness which I don't often have at home.

Kitty got the original fish base soup with sliced beef, fish tofu and Korean style sweet potatoes crystal noodles. We really are predictable, aren't we?

The fish broth was full of flavour which means you must love seafood to like this.

Horlick and chocolate milk were our choices. It was hot summer and we couldn't get a cold chocolate milk drink.
We ordered a bunch of sides at the table which included pan fried beef tongue ($2.25). It was surprisingly fatty and not lean as it usually is.
This is pan fried sausage slices with honey glaze ($2.25. A bit of a rip off, but at least it was good. Also very sweet.
Last side is pan fried boneless chicken in teriyaki sauce ($2.25). It came with a lot of chicken so that was nice. It was good too. Better value than the sausage, that's for sure.

Neat concept which is also cheap and fast with good tasting food. That's a winning formula!

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  • We love this place! So glad that it came to the GTA!
    dre @ 2016-08-02

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