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Spicy Summer BBQ

Posted: 07/26/16

Spicy Summer BBQ

Restaurant: none

Nelson: BBQ time at home. Grace brought some spice to our BBQ by making these Jamaican Jerk Chicken. She has marinade that she first basted the chicken breast in. Then afterward cooking she coated it with spicy BBQ Jerk sauce. They were delicious, but very spicy. I've kept the sauce and used it many times since and I love it.
Here is a potato salad with obviously egg on top.
Here is some pickled cucumber Chinese style. Also corn on the cob that was absolutely deliciously sweet. Love it when it's good.
Here's a colourful salad as well as some rice and beans with coconut milk. These are to go with the Jerk chicken and it cuts the spiciness nicely. I should make this as I like rice and beans too.
Sweet yams, because why not.
For dessert Kitty made phyllo with Greek yogurt, honey and peaches. The peaches were in season, ripe and very sweet.

That is a very multicultural and diverse BBQ, right?


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