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Chinese Dumpling House in Mississauga

Posted: 07/20/16

Chinese Dumpling House in Mississauga

Restaurant: Chinese_Dumpling_House Mississauga

Nelson: For some reason not as good as the one in Richmond Hill, this is the Mississuaga location we visited on my actual birthday.

We start with the beef tendon with pancake. For some reason the quality of the beef tendon was of poor quality and made this whole dish disappointing.

Can't screw up the pancakes though.
This soup had chicken/mushroom/vermicelli. It was ok, but too salty and asked them to add some water. It was still salty. The chicken was really tough, but at least the mushrooms were really good.
This beef stir fry had a lot of artificial meat tenderizer, but it still tasted great. Probably my favourite dish of the night.
These pot stickers were small and not very crisp. This is a dumpling house and they failed one of their most basic dishes.
And fail some more. The starch is supposed to fill the bottom of the pan for a crunchy crust. It was burnt and too small. How do you fail your most basic dish the restaurant is named after?
The fish was different, not the regular Cantonese steamed fish version, this one is fried first and then covered in a thick sauce.
Steamed dumpling with chicken and mushroom inside. These were surprisingly good as these aren't typical fillings you would find inside dumplings.
Steamed dumpling with pork/veggie inside. They were soso. How do you fail the dish your restaurant is named after?
Red bean filled pancake was for dessert. I love this dish, but this version could have used more filling. Still delicious though.
Lastly is the pork hock. It had a bit of cumin making for a very unique tasting dish especially since it is a Chinese dish. Some of the pieces were too fatty and there weren't enough vegetables.

Overall, very disappointing. For some reason the one in Richmond Hill is way way better.

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