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The Crown and Lion English Pub

Posted: 02/07/08

The Crown and Lion English Pub

Restaurant: Brampton The_Crown_And_Lion

dre: Before you comment on the terrible quality of these pictures, I'd like to point out that I took these with my Pearl because I am selling my camera so I didn't have it around to use and Mike did not have his SLR on him :(

Anyway, The Crown and Lion is a pub down the street from Mike's house. We decided to try traditional English food. On the top is the Cornish Pasty (pronounced PAAAAA-sty like PAsta) which kind of reminds me of a meat pie in a pastry. The bottom is the Yorkie, which was layered like a cinnabon, but instead of sugar and cinnamon, it was filled with potato, roast beef, and gravy. Pretty tasty and really meaty!

Next time I want to try the pot pie or fish and chips!

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