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Truffle Oil & Truffle Salt

Posted: 07/18/16

Truffle Oil & Truffle Salt

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Nelson: How to use Truffle Olive Oil and Truffle Salt? One is from Paris, France, one from Chelsea Market NYC. Best to use them on something light that accentuates the taste of oil and salt while letting the truffle flavour come through. The answer is a Caprese salad.

Here I combine fresh mozzarella (the type packed in liquid) with some fresh tomato, basil, and the aforementioned olive oil and salt. The salt adds a bit of coarseness and crunch to the otherwise smooth ingredients. The hardest thing to find right is the tomatoes. These are just store bought vine on tomatoes, but if you can find real tomatoes, not these engineered to be picked ones without flavour, it add so much more to this dish. Some people like black pepper, but I find it too harsh in flavour. Others like balsamic vinegar, but I find it dominates all the other flavours completely. Just keep it simple and it is absolutely delicious.


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