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Song Cook Set Course Dinner

Posted: 07/14/16

Song Cook Set Course Dinner

Restaurant: Richmond_Hill Song_Cooks

Nelson: Song Cooks can accommodate a decent number of people so we went here after the beach. As usual the banchan here isn't that plentiful and is always the same. I like most of them, but their kimchi is quite sour. We ordered a set course for 7-9 people for $127.99.
NuRoongJiTang - Rice cakes in soup. Hard to tell but this soup has a lot of different ingredients. The soup softens the rice cakes enough so that they aren't super hard.
Sohn mandu - handmade Korean dumplings, which I'm not sure is that different from regular dumplings.
This is something new because we substituted, Khan Poung Gi which is their signature chicken dish delicately balanced with sweet, sour and a hint of chili spice ($22.99). It's better than the sweet and sour pork/chicken by a lot, so order this instead if you want a sweet tangy dish.
KalbiJjim. This time it was wonderful, tender and flavourful. This dish is so great when done right.
HaeMul Pajun, seafood pancake. Always popular and delicious.
This is a shot of the chape chae. It was really wet and not flavourful at all.. I didn't like it, but maybe I make it so different at home that I"m used to it homemade now.
These came out as part of the set course dinner I think. Just puffed up pastries with a sweet glazse. Nice!

Still one of my favourite Korean restaurants and one I go to frequently.

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