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Annual Birthday Beach BBQ

Posted: 07/12/16

Annual Birthday Beach BBQ

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Nelson: Every year I host a Birthday Beach Volleyball/BBQ event. Growing up, my birthday was in the summer so it was never celebrated in the school year at school and I feel like I missed out. As an adult I can do whatever I want. To turn around my summer birthday disadvantage, I decided to take advantage of the weather and host it on the beach.

I also do it to keep in touch with friends and make it so that it has the least possible barrier of entry. I pay for all the food so it costs nothing to come. I host it for the whole day so people can drop in and out. I ask for absolutely no gifts. I do it every year, so people can anticipate it. It just requires people to take a little bit of time and show up.

I've been doing it for so many years now that I have the logistics all figured out.

I bring two coolers, one full of cold drinks, pop and water. They other one is meat. I only make burgers and hot dogs so that utensils are not required. They also cook relatively quickly as I only use charcoal on the beach which can be slow but turns out nicely smokey. I buy a cheap Walmart charcoal grill that I keep going for most of the day which requires emptying out the ash as it prevents proper oxygenation.

I bring two trays of precut vegetables that are also finger food and toppings for the burgers. Sauces are easy to bring along too. Then some chips as more finger food and instant snacks. I do most of my shopping at Costco and as the years have progressed I have gotten better quality meat and brought more and more vegetables.
And can't forget Kitty's favourite part - FIRE ROASTED MARSHMALLOWS. It is popular with the kids too!

Speaking of which, now that I have a young son, I unfortunately can't realistically do it on the beach this year. So instead I'm thinking about hosting something at my home and hope it doesn't burst at its seams. Regardless, look out for an invite August 13th!


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