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Uncle Tetsu Cheesecake

Posted: 07/08/16

Uncle Tetsu Cheesecake

Restaurant: Toronto Uncle_Tetsu_Cheesecake

Nelson: Remember the long lineups to get Uncle Tetsu Cheesecake? Well last summer I found a shortcut - they had set up a booth at the Front Street Festival and there was almost no line!!!

The cheesecake was hyped up with so many stories about people waiting hours to get some. I got this quarter cheesecake for $4. The cake is light, but still tasting of cheese but without a hint of fat or heaviness. It has a unique soft smooth texture that feels very nice in the mouth. Overall I would say it is overrated, but it still tastes good.

I swear I've eaten this before as I have family in Japan and my father had Japanese coworkers bringing back gifts. The gifts would always have this ridiculous over the top packaging to reveal some delicate food. Delicate in texture and taste, just like this cheesecake. It seemed familiar to me and not like a completely new experience as I'm sure it must have been to some.

I heard getting it freshly made from the store is better, so I'll have to try that sometime. Probably if I had waited in line for an hour it would have tasted better too.

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