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Baklava Takeout from Istanbul

Posted: 07/02/16

Baklava Takeout from Istanbul

Restaurant: Istanbul Karakoy_Gulluoglu Turkey

Nelson: I had to bring some back baklava back. Conveniently they box it up and shrink wrap it for you to take home. They say that all the baklava is freshly made within three at the time of purchase. By the time I brought it over to L&A's house it had been a day of flying and two sleeps. Unfortunately the top had pressed down a bit and crushed the tops of the baklava. So it's not as pretty as it should be, but it still looks damn good.
The are some of my favourites. The walnut on the left and pistachio roll. We didn't eat this with ice cream, but it was still delicious.
This the regular pistachio filled baklava. The top was messed up, but it still tasted great. I did notice a hint of goat gamey taste, not that it was a bad thing. Maybe that is their secret, they use goat butter to make the baklava? Regardless even after a day and half it was delicious.
I had also bought some Turkish delight at the airport and we had some. Not as good as baklava, but still good since it was relatively fresh.

You can order the baklava online, but I bet it's really expensive. Just buying this myself and transporting it myself was quite pricey. I had bought my hosts two small boxes as a thank you and those plus this box cost $70. Not cheap, but worth it for the best baklava in the world.


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