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T&J's Wedding

Posted: 08/04/16

T&J's Wedding

Restaurant: King_Edward_Hotel Toronto

dre: It was so nice to see T again, and attending her wedding! It was held at the King Edward hotel, in the heart of downtown.

The meal started off with a Ahi tuna quinoa salad. The salad had a really nice presentation, but I found it on the sour side.

It's not common to have both salad and soup, and I was pleased to see that the soup wasn't very heavy. It was a wild mushroom soup in chicken broth, with a gruyere crouton, which I passed on to Mike.
For the main dish, I had the fillet steak. It was done perfectly medium rare, and the veggies and potatoes were plentiful around it.
For dessert, there was either a flourless chocolate cake, which I traded...
... and had the New York style cheesecake instead! Yummy!

It was a great night, and the first time i didn't worry about leaving early to tend to the kids. It gets easier as they grow older :)


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