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Pie Commission

Posted: 08/02/16

Pie Commission

Restaurant: The_Pie_Commission

dre @PieCommish: We had a work lunch, and the agency we were working with ordered pot pies from Pie Commission. If you look closely, each pie was subtly different at the top. Some had extra dough with a shape. Some had sesame seeds sprinkled on top. The two cornered off were vegetarian. Each different pie was a different flavour, and it took us a bit to figure that out. Very creative though.

I chose their signature braised beef rib pie. I was worried that the beef may be dried out, but it was quite delicious and juicy.

Some other choices were Butter Chicken, Chicken Cheddar Bacon Mash, and Veg-ilicious. Too bad the location is not close to my office. I'd definitely eat it again!


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