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Flight back from Turkey

Posted: 06/27/16

Flight back from Turkey

Restaurant: none

Nelson: The first leg of my flight was on a @lufthansa plane from Turkey to Germany. They served kebab, beef/lamb and chicken with rice and carrots. It was actually decent. There was a very German bread to go along with it. And rice pudding. Not bad!:
My other connecting flight was with @AirCanada. It was some chicken, potatoes and root vegetables. It wasn't very good. Once again my favourite part of the meal was the acidic side salad. I guess you could say the cookie was decent too.
The last snack that was served on the flight was from Monty's bakehouse, a sweet chilli chicken hot wrap. This was one of the grossest things I've ever tasted. The wrap part was dry and crusty, the filling unidentifiable and the sauce unsatisfying. Gross.


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