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Fish of North

Posted: 06/17/16

Fish of North

Restaurant: Fish_of_North Istanbul Turkey

Nelson: I was on my own for dinner tonight so I walked around the hotel area looking for a place to eat. I finally settled on this place, Fish of North, because I felt like trying something different from what I had been having. And maybe because the restaurant name was in English.

The bread, a staple in Turkish dining, was delicious. It had a crumbly texture that I liked. And then it came with olive oil with olives that was divine. I also had myself an Efes Malt, which was refreshing and delicious (not pictured)

I ordered the sea bass on skewers described (in English!) as grilled sea bass on skewers with California peppers and served with baked potato, red onion, lemon and greens (33.50 TL). It's really hard to tell from the picture, but the fish boneless fillets are grilled flat individually and then wrapped on itself and skewered where they were probably grilled again for a nice smoky flavour. That must take some skill as fish is so flaky! A nice touch was also the lemon peel throughout the skewer. There was a salad on the side and a few slices of potato.

I really enjoyed the fish and have never seen it served this way. Cool.

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