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Turkish Breakfast at Plaza Hotel

Posted: 06/15/16

Turkish Breakfast at Plaza Hotel

Restaurant: Plaza_Hotel Turkey

Nelson @ThePlazaHotelTR: The Plaza Hotel had an awesome Turkish breakfast. Unfortunately the first day I was so tired, I only had 5 minutes to eat breakfast. The second day I had more time and took most of these pictures. The third day I was late to catch my plane so I missed out on a spectacular breakfast.

We start with a honeycomb. This is the most amazing way to serve honey. Visually amazing and natural, but I don't know how to eat it, so I didn't really take any. Are you suppose to just break off some of the honeycomb? And then eat it by itself????

My 5 minute breakfast on the first day. Too bad I didn't have more time to eat more
Bread is a defining part of the Turkish meals and the choices here are outstanding...
...and even more bread choices. I like how they have Turkish pastries and breads instead of Western ones. Like toast without the edges!
Hardboiled eggs and borek (thin layered pastry).
Kofte Kiymali (fist sized burghull balls) on the left and spicy potato wedges (kabuklu patates) on the right.
French toast but with a roll instead of flat toast. A hot dog stew. Not sure why hot dog seems to be so popular here, but it is.
Sunny side up egg on a edgeless toast. Is the edge so bad that they must always cut it off?
Yogurt stand with various fruits. Also hot pepper and parsley? I'm not sure if they are supposed to go together. I can't identify the bowl in the middle either.
So. Many. Olives.
Cold cuts. I tried a few and they are spiced differently from the Western kinds.
Cheeses galore! So many choices! Mostly soft cheeses, from left to right, they included dil peyniri (tongue shaped mozarella type unsalted cheese), edremit sepet peyniri (edremit cheese), orgu peyniri (salty anatolian cheese), corekotlu peynir (nigella cheese), isli peynir (smoked cheese), kasar peyniri (yellow cheese) and beyar peynir (feta cheese). My favouirte was the smoked cheese....I could eat this forever and not tire of it!
I really like this part of the breakfast too, all the jams, dried fruits, honey and nuts and butter. Perfect for eating with bread. Turkish people really know how to complement their bread with a wide variety of flavours.
Even more spreads, like cheese, honey, chocolate spread and others that I can't tell from the picture anymore. Plus wheel cheese to go!
Cereals. I like hotw there are chocolate balls. I didn't have enough room to eat these unfortunately.
Fruit! Tomato and cucumber if they count. My favourite was the honeydew like fruit which was overripe and extremely sweet. So good.
Here is my plate from the second day when I actually had a bit of time to eat breakfast. My hosts were late in picking me up due to the insance traffic.
I was waiting around for so long on my second day that I went back for some favourites which include bread with some jams and toppings and fruit.

I was exhausted from working a lot and the travel and it's really sad I didn't eat much on the third day I was there for breakfast. What an amazing spread of Turkish breakfast foods.


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