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Turkish Mixed Grill?

Posted: 06/11/16

Turkish Mixed Grill?

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Nelson: After a full day of work where I basically did not sleep the night before I was ready to crash at the hotel. My host wanted to bring me out for dinner and I obliged. The traffic situation is insane in Istanbul, so I got an hour sleep in the car. My host was a young guy and brought me to a University area and we ended up at a Grill restaurant. He was looking for something nicer, but I just wanted any place that could serve a quick meal. I was also too tired to figure out the company I was visiting was paying.

Of course, one of the best things about meals in Turkey is the starting bread. This one even came with a tomato based sauce to dip the bread in. Delicious!

I got a "mixed grill" platter, more specifically Menu 3 (41,50 lira). At least that what it seemed to me to be. It's described as steak on the menu, but maybe its just means beef. The little round pieces of beef were delicious and my favourite part of the meal. Like I've said before, beef has a very distinctive taste in Turkey, a much lighter taste and is almost like pork. Unlike pork, it had a nice amount of fat mixed in which made it better.

The red round disc is a beef sausage. I didn't like the spices that much for this type of preparation. I appreciated the grilled vegetables.

So I probably could have had a nicer meal, but I was so exhausted I didn't care much. It was nice getting treated by my hosts though which I appreciated very much.

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