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Turkish Company Provided Lunch

Posted: 06/09/16

Turkish Company Provided Lunch

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Nelson: At the company I was visiting, lunch is provided for all employees. They said it's pretty standard for companies in Istanbul to provide food for their employees. They had a caf on the top floor with a terrace. Everyday there are different items at the salad bar.
Then there are spices and oils to flavour your food. I didn't really make use of this as my hosts didn't really use these, so I didn't either.
On the first day were rice wrapped in grape leaves. A side of rice with the brown noodles as is standard in Turkey. I picked a lot of cucumber and tomatoes for my side salads. Lentil soup was also available. Yes this is a lot of food. For dessert was watermelon which was really sweet and refreshing. The dessert was this phyllo pastry with light cheese inside. I was absolutely stuffed.
On the second day was chicken Shawarma, One of my favourites! I didn't see the rotating spit though, so it must have come from the kitchen ready to serve. Salads had some yogurt, cucumber, pickled radish and soft green beans. Rice had chick peas this time. And dessert was a pudding on top of cake dusted with coconut. Plus a pomegranate drink.
On my last day, it was an okra stew. I didn't like this one as much as the others. I took bread this time, even though I think it was available at my other meals as well. Beans went on top of the rice this time. Salads were more of the same with a bit of pasta salad and potatoes on this day. Dessert was a peach. Perhaps the most interesting thing was the salad bar having peaches in juice which I scooped out and drank out of a cup. It was my favourite part of the meal.

So it was interesting to experience what typical workers in Turkey would have for lunch everyday. Last time perhaps we didn't get to experience every day Turkish meals. Neat.


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  • Mmm, looks better than even the Silicon Valley company lunches.
    Mugs @ 2016-06-09
  • Google was better, more variety and choice. But better than what I can buy in my caf
    Nelson @ 2016-06-10

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