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Turkish Coffee

Posted: 06/07/16

Turkish Coffee

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Nelson: After not sleeping on the overnight flight I arrived in the morning. I was hoping to get some rest, but it turned out that I was to prepare for a full day of work. My gracious hosts drove me to a Starbucks first to caffeine up. Normally, I don't drink caffeinated beverages but I needed on badly. I think my hosts were expecting me to be happy to be brought to the Western chain of starbucks for something familiar, but after seeing that they had Turkish coffee on the menu I had to pick that. I had tried it a few times on my previous trip so I won't go into detail to describe it, but this time I opted for some sugar. It was bitter and strong tasting as I would expect with a hit of caffeine that helped me. It was especially nice that it included some Turkish delight to go along with the drink. Of course I knew there were unfiltered coffee grounds at the bottom and did well to avoid drinking any. I spoke fondly of my previous trip to Istanbul and hopefully I endeared myself to my kind hosts which was helpful in the days to come. It's always bad news when I'm (an engineer) traveling to a customer.


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