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RIP Grand Dim Sum

Posted: 06/03/16

RIP Grand Dim Sum

Restaurant: Grand_Chinese_Cuisine Toronto

Nelson @intplazahotel: I'm very sad that Grand has shut down. It was the best Chinese restaurant by far on the west side of town. A clean restaurant with good waiters and an emphasis on presentation. Rare for a Chinese restaurant. Plus the food was really good and they actually put effort into presentation. Their dim sum was not the run of the mill dim sum most places are that compete on price and speed. Instead it is actually quality food that is so unique it must be prepared in house. It's gone. Sadness. RIP

I think this just came out to when we arrived, but it's deep fried strips of breading. Deep fried = yummy.

Seafood dumplings wrapped in a unique way. Beautiful.
More dumplings, wrapped in a more typical manner.
We ordered a lot of rice rolls, this one had chicken in it I believe!
Taro bars. Unique, right? A bit dry, but still tasty as I love taro.
Shrimp dumplings. This is the typical one, but at least well made.
Soup dumplings, or xiao long bao. They bring out the proper sauce to go with it.
BBQ pork in pastry. A different shape, so it must not be from the dim sum factory.
Sticky rice, which is smaller than the regular one you typically get, but the way it's made indicates again that it's not from the dim sum factory that all dim sum places seem to get their food from.
More rice rolls and since someone in our party is allergic to seafood we tried different fillings. This was beef!
Vegetarian rice roll! Even the rice roll had vegetables!. This was pretty good for a vegetarian dish.
Colourful siu mai with a huge piece of scallop on top!
The ever popular egg tart.

Just writing this post made me so sad :(


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  • Yup, sad. My family used to go like every week!
    Mugs @ 2016-06-06
  • We didn't go as frequently, but it was by far the best on the west side and brought guests from out of town here. My friend's family also went here every week and were even sadder to see it close. RIP Grand.
    Nelson @ 2016-06-06

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