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Night It Up Favourites

Posted: 06/01/16

Night It Up Favourites

Restaurant: Markham Night_It_Up

Nelson @NightItUp: As I promised almost a year ago, I came back and ate some of my favourites at Night It Up.

Obviously a must have is the stinky tofu. I got this from Wei's Smelly Tofu and waited in a long lineup for this. Of course it was worth it. This is delicious despite the smell. Definitely a must have at the Night Market.

My friends got this spicy chicken from I'm not sure where. It wasn't that great.
I tried something new that caught my eye, these Hainan noodle ($5) from a booth called Sprout. You choose a noodle (classic, funky spicy, garlic explosion or so sesame and add toppings such as bean sprouts, sauerkraut (I think these are actually Chinese pickled vegetables), crisp bread, peanut, coriander, bamboo sprouts and beef jerky. It's not much to look at, but there is a lot of variety in tastes and textures to go along with some delicious noodles. Yum.
Because I always have difficulty getting this elsewhere, I'm always so tempted to get the shaved flavoured ice. The key is that the ice should be flavoured before shaving it. I went back to @GustaHaus to get this green tea matcha flavoured shaved ice ($8). Of course it was delicious, especially with the extra toppings. The ice itself was so flavourful and really makes this refreshing dessert spectacular.
This is the sakura mochi milk ($8). The taste is more subtle and light. I also enjoyed it, but not as much as the matcha.
Last is the fried squid. They were walking around with this huge stick of fried squid that just seem to beckon me to order from them. So I did. This version called skyscraper squid ($8) is battered and deep fried. It's larger than it looks in the picture. I'm not sure whether grilled of deep fried is better, as both are fun and enjoyable ways to eat squid.

Such a fun event, I hope to be invited back next year!


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