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Create Your Taste

Posted: 06/20/16

Create Your Taste

Restaurant: Collingwood McDonalds

dre @McD_Canada: Mike has been dying to try the "Create Your Taste" burgers at McDonald's for a long long time! He finally got his chance during our last meal in Collingwood. We stopped by McDonald's for lunch before heading home. Lauren had fallen asleep, and we stayed longer than we had planned because we managed to transfer her from the car to a McDonald's booth bench and she slept for more than an hour.

While she was sleeping, Mike happily ordered his "Create Your Taste" on the new self-serve kiosks that were now available. He went crazy with the selection, basically choosing everything possible. The receipt had a long laundry list of items, which were:
- Monterey Jack Jalapeno (Additional $$)
- Black & White Sesame Seed Bun
- 2 x Caramelized Onions
- Red Onions
- Sliced Jalapeños
- 2 x Crispy Onions
- Long-sliced Pickles
- Chipotle Aioli
- Sundried Tomato Pesto
- Lettuce Leaf
- Tomato

They brought the burger to the table and it looked fancy! I only had a small bite, so I couldn't really appreciate it, but Mike said it was really delicious and very comparable to a restaurant burger that would cost much more.


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