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Homemade Dumplings

Posted: 05/24/16

Homemade Dumplings

Restaurant: none

Nelson: One of my comfort meals at home is homemade dumplings. We cheat a bit and use premade shells, but stuff them ourselves. Even with the shortcut, it takes a bit of work, but if everyone works together it can be finished quickly. Plus the time goes by quick chatting with family. My favourite are the fried ones for obvious reasons, but we always make both kinds. Homemade and fresh dumplings always taste the best.

We usually don't have so many sides, but this time we had quite a few. Pickled radish/carrots, deep fried tofu, jellyfish and silken raw tofu.

A closeup of the silken tofu, it can be good by itself, but my mom dressed it up with bono flakes, seaweed soy sauce and green onion for a bit more punch. Delicious!


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