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All Stars Wings

Posted: 05/31/16

All Stars Wings

Restaurant: All_Stars_Wings Vaughan

dre @allstarwings: Since we were in Vaughan, we went to All Stars Wings & Ribs for lunch. We got 2 pounds of wings, 1 pound was a dry rub mix of Lemon Pepper, and the other pound was Maple Thai (if I remember correctly). I didn't love the Lemon Pepper wings as they had too much lemon flavour for my liking. The Maple Thai was surprisingly very spicy, which makes me believe that that wasn't the correct flavour, as it's labelled "medium spice". Mike thought it was really spicy too.

The kids shared a hamburger kid's meal. I think they both just ate the meat and of course, all the fries.

I wonder if their wings have gone downhill or I had higher expectations.

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