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Homemade Dinner

Posted: 05/23/16

Homemade Dinner

Restaurant: none

dre: On a rare occasion, Mike and I both contributed to the same dinner. I can't remember if it was all made on the same night, or some were leftovers. I believe the tomato meat sauce was leftover from another meal. This sauce isn't your usual Ragu, but Mike made it using canned tomatoes and tomato paste and a bunch of other ingredients. This way makes way more sauce that we freeze for future meals.

I breaded pork chop with flour and seared them. Then I baked them with a soy sauce, vinegar, sugar and water mixture for a sweet sauce. The girls love mixing this sauce in their rice.

Finally, Mike loves soup, so he made a creamy potato soup with carrots, onions, potatoes of course, and bacon. Delicious and filling meal!


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