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Richtree Burrito Truck

Posted: 05/21/16

Richtree Burrito Truck

Restaurant: Richtree Toronto

dre @RichtreeMarket: There's this van in the Eaton Centre at the Richtree Market food area. I heard from a co-worker that this truck actually goes on the street in the summer as a food truck. I'm not sure if that's true because having the truck there is pretty sweet for them not having to work through rain. Plus, I think Richtree owns them because my receipt was charged by Richtree. So maybe they used to be a food truck on the street, but now it looks like a permanent home in the Eaton Centre. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong!

I bought a chicken burrito ($9.99) from there. It was loaded with some good stuff, but you have to pay extra for guacamole. I don't understand why guacamole is an added feature? I'd forego the cheese and trade it for guac any time! I enjoyed the burrito and it was filling, but my favourite is still Burrito Boyz, where I feel the value is still better.


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