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BBQ Season Begins - Asian Style

Posted: 05/20/16

BBQ Season Begins - Asian Style

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Nelson: Weather is getting warm enough for BBQs! This is an Asian BBQ, so follow along to see what that means. This shot should be in the middle because the next shot is before cooking...
Stringing together the fish ball skewers. Fish balls are generally already cooked, but BBQing them gives them extra smokey flavour.
My mom's sesame noodles. These are the fresh ingredients that go into it before being mixed together. Behind is the chicken marinated in oyster sauce.
Kalbi! Nice a lean pieces. I cheat an just use the premix sauce, although when I read the ingredient list, it shounds pretty simple to make yourself.
Now the food is done. This the sesame noodles all mixed up. I think raw garlic really adds a kick of taste to everything.
Cooked Kalbi. I often forget to go in an cut them up with scissors, as it makes it so much easier to eat this way.
I didn't burn these skewers. I brush oil on these so that they will cook better. In general they are difficult to cook on the BBQ because everything on the skewer cooks at a different rate.
Lastly is the chicken. Always takes the longest and you have to be paranoid about cooking it thoroughly so I don't generally enjoy BBQing chicken.

Do you like Asian style BBQ?


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