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V and B Wedding Mains

Posted: 05/16/16

V and B Wedding Mains

Restaurant: Arcadian_Court Toronto

Nelson: Let's start with the main meal. This is the starting salad described as Young Romaine & Strawberry salad witih pickled watermelon, celery and cornbread, scallion creme fraiche and black pepper vinnigrette. This was excellent and even though the watermelon is pickled, it wasn't that sour. TH edressing was good too and I especicially liked the blue cheese and strawberries.
Pan Seared sustainable sea bass with heirloom tomato, broiled peppers, rapini, lemon and basil espuma. This was Kitty's order and I didn't try it that day since she couldn't eat any of my beef.
Pepper crusted angus beef tenderloin, salt baked russet potato, field mushrooms, green beans and oven roasted roma tomato grilled scallion jus. The tenderloin was medium rare and really good considering they had to serve so many.
Frangelico tiramisu with coca nib, berries and cashew brittle. This dessert was extremely soft and soaked in coffee.
After dinner came more food! Chicken and waffles! What a great idea for an after dinner snack.
There was a selection of desserts and fruit as well. I didn't have too much, but it was eaten quickly.
Sliders! These were delicious, but I was stuffed at this point.

O&B know how to cook for a wedding. Great venue and good food made for a fun night!


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