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V and B Wedding Apps

Posted: 05/14/16

V and B Wedding Apps

Restaurant: Arcadian_Court Toronto

Nelson: Arcadian Court is a great venus for a wedding. You can start with apps upstairs that looks down upon the main dining area. The food service is done by O & B, so you know the food should be good. Let's start with the cocktail apps.

Chicken pot pie poutine. Doesn't sound that good, but tasted way better than I exected. The sauce is lighter than gravy typically is, which makes this workable.

Behind it is a mac and cheese stick and surprisingly one of the best I've ever had. It wasn't too cheesy and had another taste component that really enchanced the flavour. I think it is truffle. Game, set match.

Grilled zucchin and goat's milk gouda. This was the least interesting of the appetizers, although still very good.
This is a deep fried portobello with truffle aoli. It was also very good. I think there were some more circulating around, but I was not nimble enough to get them all.
The bread service at the table. Always done well by O & B, wthis one did not disappoint.
The bread comes with a hummus-like dressing. Way way better than butter in my opinion.
Wedding Cake!

Stay tuned for the main meal and deserts!


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